Upper Deck Bar

Upper Deck Bar by 370studio involved designing a unique cocktail bar on the mezzanine of Hala Koszyki, with a focus on creating a space for connoisseurs of wine, cigars, and whiskey, and incorporating conservation care for the historic trusses and brick walls.

  • area / size 1,292 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Hala Koszyki is a cult object that occupies a unique place on the list of places worth visiting in Warsaw, and the hall itself has become a point of reference for other spaces of this type emerging in other cities. There are already two of our projects in the Hall, Bar Centralny and Zachodni Brzeg Koszyki. We will not lie when we say that we know the object like no other. Therefore, we were pleased to undertake the project of a unique cocktail bar on the mezzanine.

    The main task submitted by the Investor was to create a space for connoisseurs of wine, cigars and whiskey. An egalitarian but also sublime place, intended for people who appreciate the high quality of both the drinks served here and the design.

    The designed premises has a unique location. Unlike other bars and food outlets, it is located on the mezzanine. Its oblong shape and historic trusses on which the barrel ceiling is supported are a limitation but also a design challenge.

    In addition, individual elements of the interior, such as brick walls and the structure, are under strict conservation care and every action within them had to be consulted.

    Finally, a place was created with a bar located centrally, between two trusses.

    Its distinguishing element is the barrel overhang, referring to the shape of the premises with longitudinal elements refracting the light. The location of the bar automatically created two zones. The one on the left, against the wall, has comfortable, semi-circular booths and low seats and tables. In the zone on the right, there is an impressive wine rack and higher seats.

    Glass cabinets have been placed throughout the premises, in which there are books, albums and accessories building a club and intimate atmosphere. The whole is complemented by atmospheric and adapting to the time of day, warm lighting.

    Design: 370studio
    Photography: courtesy of 370studio